About the Maeldune Heritage Centre

The Centre also contains an art gallery displaying a regular cycle of exhibitions by local artists and groups, a gift shop selling art and craft items made by local artists and makers, and has many fascinating items on display.

We offer talks about the embroidery to pre-booked groups in return for a modest donation.  Visits can be arranged outside our opening hours if required.



The Millennium Trust was created primarily to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Maldon in 991 and the year of events culminated in the re-enactment of the battle in August 1991. To ensure that Maldon's "Millennium" year was not forgotten, the Millennium Embroidery was produced, together with other local initiatives.

The Millenium Trust in time became known as The Maeldune Trust, with the objective of advancing the education of the public in the history and heritage of the town of Maldon, Essex and East Anglia. "Maeldune" is the Saxon spelling of Maldon and means "a cross on the hill".

When they considered options for a heritage centre in 1997, Maldon Town Council agreed to proceed with alterations to the ground floor of the Grade One listed Plume Building for this purpose.

The work was completed in 1998 and the Town Council agreed that the Centre should be administered by the Maeldune Trust. The Millennium Embroidery (now known as the Maldon Embroidery), which previously had been housed in the Moot Hall, was relocated to purpose-made cabinets in the Centre, where it can still be seen today.


The Maeldune Trust

Registered Charity Number 802226


About the Maeldune Heritage Centre

"Maeldune" is the Saxon spelling of Maldon and means "a cross on the hill". The Centre is run by the Maeldune Trust, a registered Charity, in partnership with Maldon Town Council.  

The Maeldune Trust comprises representatives of The Town Council, The Maldon Society, The Essex Guild of Craftsmen, the Maldon Twinning Association and other notable local organisations.


The Heritage Centre is home to the Maldon Embroidery, a 42' long masterpiece which was created to celebrate 1000 years of Maldon's history from the battle of Maldon in 991 to its unveiling in 1991.  The Maldon Society displays include local archive material and a video interview with the designer of the Embroidery, Humphrey Spender.

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