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We are very grateful to our volunteers who give up their time to assist at the Centre, welcoming visitors and bringing a wide variety of skills.  If you are interested in volunteering with us email : Lynda O’Brien, Centre Manager :




The pupils of All Saints Primary School were so inspired by their visit to see the famous Maldon Embroidery they created their own version – and we are now proudly displaying beautifully designed and stitched panels, alive with vibrant colours and telling the story of The Battle of Maldon in 991 in vivid detail.  


Here are some pictures of the Embroideries presented to us by the pupils - come and see for yourselves. The panels were a fitting tribute to the Maldon Embroidery to celebrate its 25th Birthday!  


all saints embroidery single 2 all saints embroidery single all saints embroidery File 23-05-2016, 08 11 31 comm